How do I access the billing system?

  • The billing system is located at https://ucrm.tellerwifi.com
  • The username will be the full email address listed on the account
  • The password is set by the user; at service start a link is emailed that will allow you to set your password. If you don’t see the link, check your spam folder, it will have come from info@tellerwifi.com. If you have forgotten your password, you can click “forgot your password” and have the password setting link emailed to you
  • Invoices are due 7 days after initially sent. The system will notify you as bills come near due date.
  • If sending a check, when the check is received the payment will be listed and invoice will be noted to you as paid. (We have seen up to a 4 day USPS delivery lag, even across town). It is the customers reasonability to make sure payments are on time.

How do I setup automatic payments?

The billing system supports recurring payments. They are called “Subscriptions”.

To setup a new subscription:

  1. Click the “Settings” link on the left hand side of the portal
  2. Then select Payments
  4. Enter your credit card information
  5. Save Card
  6. A box will pop up to enter your credit/debit card information.
  7. If this is the first invoice, you will need to go back to the main screen and click “Pay All”
  8. After this is completed you will be on Auto Pay going forward
  9. If you have any questions, our cheerful desk personnel would love to hear from you

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a major credit/debit card processing company. TellerWifi uses this company for all payment transactions so the credit/debit card information is not stored on local servers or processed by TellerWifi equipment. Stripe adheres to the highest standard of security and encryption to ensure privacy. This let’s us at TellerWifi focus our efforts on providing the best internet possible.

How do I change my Username, Phone Number or Address?

These attributes are controlled by TellerWifi for your account, just shoot us an email (info@tellerwifi.com) and we’ll update your information

Why should I rent a router?

Router Rentals come with several advantages.

  • TellerWifi uses and programs our router to work better for following reasons:
    • More consistent and higher speed vs client provided routers
    • Lower latency vs client provided routers.
    • Remote TellerWifi Support and Troubleshooting
  • Quick replacement if something happens to a rental routers. You’re Covered!

We cannot provide support or troubleshooting for a client provided router. There are to many factors, brands and unknown issues with a client provided router connected to our equipment. Therefor we cannot guarantee performance of a client provided router. We are happy for you to use your own router but know that we cannot provide any support with setup, troubleshooting or testing of a client provided router.