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We are a locally owned and operated wireless ISP with a specific mission of servicing the outlying parts of the county with high-quality internet. 

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Providing exceptional service to rural Teller County

With lightning-fast speeds that directly compete with fiber optic, you’ll never experience buffering, lag, or latency again. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, gaming with friends, or conducting business online, TellerWifi has got you covered with their top-of-the-line technology and unparalleled customer service. 

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Had great service from TellerWifi and they worked with us when we had to abruptly leave the state. If ever back in the area again, will definitely use their services.
Teller Wifi enables me to do my job remotely with no compromise of performance due to my location.
Teller wifi had been absolutely awesome. We've had them for about a year so far and no complaints! We needed a cord on our house fixed, and they got out as fast as possible, and even rearranged their schedule to take care of us first thing on Monday morning. Robert is very easy to talk to and explains things thoroughly, and everyone is so nice. Definitely recommend teller wifi to anyone!!!
Awesome Service, Excellent performance. Having lived in the big city for years, I was use to fast and affordable Internet connections. But after moving out to rural Divide, it is hard to get affordable Wifi that has acceptable latency, download speeds and upload speeds. Teller Wifi has achieved all three. They have far out performed 3 other competitors that I have used / tried in Divide. Their customer service is local, professional and skilled. They quickly solved an issue I had due to a Wifi repeater that another non-local company could not resolve. I have no concerns having switched over to Teller Wifi.
Their service and professionalism are both great!! They arrived promptly when they’d said they would. It’s so refreshing to have great Internet service who are also easy to reach, especially after having been with Hughesnet. Very satisfied!
I don't like to give five stars because there's always room for improvement. I have to say I have nothing negative to say. My internet ran as fast as promised. No interruptions or issues even through the snow days. Good job guys.
This is the best Internet service provider I’ve ever had, and I’ve had Google Fiber before. The service is fast, consistently 30 Megs at our very remote house. The service is affordable for the value. I can’t recommend them enough. Top notch and and a responsive small company. We’ve been using them for about a year and it’s been really great.
I am completely satisfied with the service from this business. The service uptime and quality meets my standards for rural internet. Customers are kept informed of relevant information. Any unavoidable outages are dealt with high urgency. Yet due to the solid design, there aren't many outages. The service this business provides is critical for my family and we have never been let down. I highly recommend this service nearly to the point that I'd say you'd be lucky to be a customer.
I've been a customer of TellerWifi for five months now. TellerWifi delivers EXACTLY what it promises. I get the promised bandwidth with low latency all the time, not most of the time or sometimes like with all my previous Internet service providers. I've never lost Internet connectivity in those five months. Customer service is local, extremely responsive to any question and provides answers quickly. I could not be more thrilled with my service or happier to recommend TellerWifi to anyone in range of their towers with Internet connectivity needs.
Best internet service we've had in the 15 years we've lived in Teller County! I can guarantee you we've tried all possible options, too. Solid service, honest communication, and they don't appear to oversell (common for wireless providers). Dan has been super helpful and communicative also. Overall we couldn't be happier! I recommend them to everyone.
We can stream 3 simultaneous zoom meetings, while kids are streaming stuff on their phones -- with no delays or disruptions. Plus Teller Wifi has real people PROMPTLY respond to voicemails or email questions. What more would you want? p.s. We paid for the fastest service, and it REALLY is fast.
My husband and I have had teller Wi-Fi service for 2 years and could not have been happier! We were only here in Colorado for a short season and we are moving back to Michigan so we have to cancel service. I am scared of what kind of service we will be getting there! Dan is an amazing and professional business man. He was upfront and extremely Honest from the moment he came to our home to install service. Not only has service been almost perfect, it is extremely low priced compared to all the other options here in this area....which are few are far between!! I cannot recommend Teller wifi enough! You won't be sorry!
These guys are the best there is. They communicate and tell the truth. The service is the best in Teller County and with any ISP I have used in over 20 years. Other companies can learn from them. I am thankful for their service and commitment to quality and communicating. Thank you TellerWifi!
I am so pleased with this internet company. They didn't know if I could get service but they came out and looked. I was hooked up and ready to go very quickly. Very friendly guys! I am so glad I decided to go with TellerWifi for my internet service!
TellerWifi has exceeded my expectations. The network is reliable, and the few times there has been an issue, restoration has been remarkably quick. Customer service is excellent. Thank you all!