TellerWifi Waitlist Information

On 6/18/2019 TellerWifi reached our approved capacity. All new customers will be put on a waitlist for installation which allows us to manage the usage load on the network overall. The waitlist will move by two primary mechanisms: Existing user attrition and/or TellerWifi Core Upgrades. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause however we feel it is important to continue to provider our existing customers with a high quality service and won't over subscribe our system.

Customers who have previously reserved a space or are buying a house currently connected with TellerWifi and wish to continue that service are able to be connected without the waitlist.

Generation 1: Version 3 - Current Status
6/18/2019 - Due to the demand in the county for internet, the main fiber lines down Highway 24 have reached saturation. We have bought the last available bandwidth on the line to support as many customers as possible. CDOT is working on trenching up fiber for their purposes and many companies are hoping to utilize that trench to get additional capacity to Teller County. This project has no defined due date or fiber activity date but is promising from an overall perspective.

We (TellerWifi) see this county level bottleneck and are actively working around the issue. We are very particular with our connectivity and have identified numerous suitable concepts to both provide backhaul releief but also to create additional redundency in our own network. Our goal is to create the best and most stable user experience of any provider in the county (or state for that matter), this new work will continue that mission. We are currently waiting quotes for the numerous items needed to accomplish this. More information will be noted as it becomes available.

7/8/2019 - We have made substantial progress in the last few weeks with some setbacks along the way. We have located a suitable relay which will allow us to connect directly to Colorado Springs main fiber lines. We are signing the leases this week and purchasing the necessary gear to get ready for the installation. If all goes well, we're looking at late July/early August for go live. This update will release all network capacity issues by nearly doubling overall network capacity.

7/16/2019 - Progress has been made at all locations needed for the relay. Equipment has been purchased and it is slowly making its way here via freight. We'll start constructing the end points as soon as gear arrives, the middle tower is under architectural review to ensure wind loading is within acceptable limits. Overall, looking good.

7/29/2019 - We have closed on the site in COS and will begin construction this week. New internet lines are on order (backhauls) and we're starting construction at Pisgah. Still waiting on the arrival of our dishes and the second new site, but expecting that within the next 10 days. So far we're roughly on track. We've been working with our new technical assignments to prepare and all is going well there.

8/1/2019 - The architectural review of the final site as been completed and the necessary gear is passed. Working on finalizing that site. We're starting the buildout at the COS site this weekend, hoping to have the core of the tower up and gear configured and ready to go. Have a potential setback in the shipping time for our big dishes but more to come on any delays due to that. Overall we're progressing well and making substantial progress.

8/6/2019 - We have completed the roof tower built at our COS location (Picture Here). The mountains in the clouds will be the connection point. The tower is currently empty but we're going to install the gear this week, still pending the fiber line source and a few other things, but overall its getting there. We are working on signing the lease for the middle-hop tower, still expected this week. We'll start the Pisgah buildout and necessary updates this weekend to get prepared. The virtual side is also going well, we've starting moving Woodland Park customers to the new virtual infrastructure in preparation for the new links. No final ETA yet, but good progress.

8/11/2019 - We received our FCC licenses for the link last week. We've also done more setup on the COS location tower, running power/fiber there this week hopefully. Saw the draft of the final tower lease doc, looked good, should sign for the last tower this week and begin that build out shortly. Current hold up is the physical dishes, they ended up backordered and current delivery estimate is first week in Sept. We're trying to bring that down a bit, but if thats when we get them we'll be ready to install them next day.

8/20/2019 - We finished signing the center tower and have our USFS approval for the install! We'll officially get access 9/1 and will start carting gear up the mountain and preparing. We have been busy with the config side, getting things ready for our secondary main link, its going well. Waiting on our fiber provider to provision up gear to finish the install at the data center. So far everything is on track, the last piece will be receiving the physical broadcast dishes, currently estimated around 9/9.

8/29/2019 - Progress is being made but all our partners are operating a bit more slowly than we'd like. We've been making the configuration changes to our network to prepare to lite up day 1, but still waiting on final confirmation on the fiber line, backhaul dishes and equipment approval on the new tower. More to come, no different ETA currently.

8/30/2019 - Dishes shipped! It's all coming together (9/3 - Dishes are in COS! Delivery slated for 9/5)

9/5/2019 - Major progress. Pisgah dish is installed, we're going down to install the COS dish tomorrow. The Relay dishes are currently planned to installed Wednesday. Fiber line should be lit up on Thursday. Will be quite the week, but if all goes well we'll have the whole circuit live late in the week. Day or so of checkout and we'll start rolling the waiting list! New Dishes!

9/6/2019 - Finished up at the COS site. Dish mounted, power run, router powered up. We haven't lit up the dish yet because it doesn't have an end point and we don't have the fiber, but we're getting ready. If all goes well, Wednesday will be the big relay tower day and Thursday the fiber lights up. Be a busy week but we're making it happen! Have the sunburn to prove it.

9/11/2019 - Fiber was lit up yesterday and fast! We have full approval for install on the relay tower, going up today to prep the site. Working with the tower crews on timing, hopefully Friday the dishes will go up. Almost there.

9/12/2019 - Word is in, 4.30am start tomorrow to get up to the last site and get dishes hung. If all goes well, we should have the relay fully connected tomorrow afternoon. Little bit of tech work after that and we're up and running with the new line!

9/13/2019 - Success! Dishes are mounted and link is up. 4am on 9/14 we started moving traffic to the new link. Great results so far. More config work to be done, but we're releasing the waiting list and will be scheduling folks top down. Sorry for the delay and we'll be in touch if you're on our list!

9/14/2019 - We have completed the work. With the broader internet outage yesterday we took the opportunity to rebuild core parts of the network to utilize the new infrastructure. It worked great! Had our first night using the split lines and it worked exactly as planned, on to the waiting list! We'll move it as fast as possible and get everyone installed. Thanks for the patience, we're better than ever now, this will be the last update here.