We are a locally owned and operated wireless ISP with a specific mission of servicing the outlying parts of the county with high quality internet. We operate as a 'Lite ISP' which allows us to focus more money into providing the best possible service. Our mission is to provide the best possible service to areas who have minimal or no service today. We work with passionate individuals and local government to identify areas which need improved service and work to setup infrastructure to support the demand.

What is a 'Lite ISP'? A Lite ISP has a few differences vs a classic ISP. We operate with no physical office, minimal staffing and electronically delivered billing and notices. By minimizing physical costs, we can focus more revenue into providing the best possible equipment and service. For non-billing support items we offer email and phone support. Our support technicians typically operate as our network engineers and/or installers so a phone call will most often be greeted with a voice mail prompt. This allows our engineers to focus on problem resolution and then provide a callback with the resolution. Billing is primarily done electronically via email, including a payment portal for one time or recurring payments. We do have a physical mailbox for individuals wanting to pay via check.

Through the end of 2017 and 2018 we have worked diligently to stand up new tower sites to provide coverage to previously unconnectable areas. It wasn't an easy task, but we're excited to offer expanded coverage into: Gillett Flatts, Rainbow Valley, Woodrock, Ranch Resorts, B Lazy M and many others along Teller 1 and Highway 67 between Divide/Cripple Creek. We have also recently completed a tower to support Cascade/Green Mountain Falls.

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