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We are a locally owned and operated wireless ISP with a specific mission of servicing the outlying parts of the county with high quality internet. We operate as a 'Lite ISP' which allows us to focus more money into providing the best possible service. Our mission is to provide the best possible service to areas who have minimal or no service today. We work with passionate individuals and local government to identify areas which need improved service and work to setup infrastructure to support the demand.

What is a 'Lite ISP'? A Lite ISP has a few differences vs a classic ISP. We operate with no physical office, minimal staffing and electronically delivered billing and notices. By minimizing physical costs, we can focus more revenue into providing the best possible equipment and service. For non-billing support items, we offer email, text message and phone support. Our support technicians also operate as our network engineers so a phone call will most often be greeted with a voice mail prompt. This allows our engineers to focus on problem resolution and then provide a callback with the resolution. Billing is primarily done electronically via email, including a payment portal for one time or recurring payments. We do have a physical mailbox for individuals wanting to pay via check.

We are currently operating in a Phased approach. Phase 1 is north eastern Teller County, the infrastructure build-out was completed in September 2017. Phase two will be south central Teller county in the southern Florissant valleys and west to Park County. As of March 2018 we have coverage of Cripple Creek and the majority of the Southern Florissant Valley. As of June 2018 we'll cover Gillett Flats, Rainbow Valley, Woodrock and others along the S 67 strech from Divide to Cripple Creek.

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"My life has changed so dramatically in the last 24 hours that I can’t believe it’s only been a day. I’m lightyears ahead in my workday, thanks partly to no waiting around half the day while trying to keep myself focused on the task. Yeah, Dan and Christian!” - Trina

Current Coverage

We have three primary towers providing service, Downtown Woodland Park (Gold Hill), Mt Pisgah (Florissant South) and Devil's Head (near the lookout). We also have satellite towers specific to certain neighborhoods, such as Ridgewood. The below maps illustrate areas of expected coverage. Unfortunately, heavily treed lots of other line of sight impediments may restrict access to individuals even inside of the green coverage areas. We offer a variety of consulting services to work through challenging scenarios such as those.

Light green areas indicate quality coverage, while yellow and red indicate potential coverage

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Standard Internet Packages

We offer a variety of packages to fit your needs. These packages are available for both residential and business administration. If you would like a quote for your business to provide wifi to customers (coffee shop, etc) please email us.
All packages are month to month with no long term contract or commitment.

  • $50.00 per month *
    Pro - 25mbit
  • The 25 mbit package is ideal for users who have more demanding internet needs, such as streaming video. This package also works well for families who have lighter internet demands but may be connected at the same time.
  • $100.00 per month *
    Max (Limited quantities, inquire for your specific area)
  • MAX users do not have a speed limit, the only limit is the maximum speed the network can handle. While not guaranteed, users may regularly see 100mb+ speeds. This package is to test what the network can achieve and is limited to only a few customers per broadcaster. Some broadcasters are already full, inquire for more information.

Install Fee - $0.00

* All standard plans have a free installation. It's only fair to get great service without paying for setup. All taxes and fees applicable are in addition to the monthly service fee. Install will consist of an outdoor broadcasting unit and will require a power outlet. Once installed, customer will have a ethernet port to connect their personal equipment. In-House wireless broadcasting is not provided with the standard install. All plan speeds are listed as 'up to' the maximum amount, but customer should expect to rarely see less than their purchased maximum speed.

These specialty packages are not selectable by the end customer but occationally offered by TellerWifi in unique situations. These plans differ from the primary plans in that they take specialty equipment or have other notable technological challenges which have to be overcome. All packages are month to month with no long term contract or commitment.

  • $50.00 per month *
    10 for 10
  • The 10 for 10 stands for 10mbit for customers located between 10-18 miles from our towers. To connect at this distance with stability requires special gear on both the tower and at the residence. Our goal is provide the highest quality of service which limits the potential throughput of a plan at this distance.

Install Fee - $75.00

Unfortunately due to the specialty nature of these plans we don't get bulk discounts on this type of gear. To offset the equipment cost from our normal install, we have initiated an install fee for connecting of the specialty plans.

Install Process

Once an install has been requested, below are the steps to get fully setup


Submit Request


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Review Onsite


Connect Equipment to Tower





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Whether you're interested in signing up, want to suggest expansion areas or are just interested in what we do, drop us a note!

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TellerWifi LLC
P.O Box 7591
Woodland Park, CO 80866
P: (719) -1472